Announcing Project Thermo

So we’ve been quiet as we’ve been busy designing, programming, and prototyping. We are now excited to announce our first project, Project Thermo.

Project Thermo is a wifi enabled smart thermostat. You could also use words like connected, programable, or eco and Internet of Things (IoT).

Project Thermo = Internet of Things (IoT) + data analytics + mobile

There are a lot of great smart or programmable thermostats, but they are all expensive. Why are they so expensive? It is because they have special hardware, dials and screens. Even the clunky outdated versions from a decade ago are still being sold and are still expensive given their capabilities. A computer on a stick is less than a hundred dollars, so why are smart thermostats so much more?

Also, some smart thermostats are easier and more intuitive than others, but why do you stand in front of a wall, typically an awkward part of your house, tapping on a box? In today’s world, why aren’t you doing this from the comfort of your couch with a much richer, more intuitive, and much more powerful user experience on your phone, tablet or PC?

If we simplified what was on the wall and moved our brains into the cloud we could be significantly cheaper, and also be easily upgradable, meaning that we could be affordable and yet get smarter and better. This led to much thinking and exploration, and Project Thermo was born.

Please check out Project Thermo and order one today.