Why Project Thermo: The value prop cheatsheet

In previous posts we’ve talked about why you’d want a smart IoT Thermostat (hint cost savings), and how Project Thermo improves on this. For those that don’t want to read the previous six posts, a summary is below.

Project Thermo Cheatsheet

  • Thinking differently had us minimize what was on the wall, leading to a few benefits, best of which is affordability
  • Minimizing what was on the wall also meant that we moved our brain into the cloud, where we can control them, and make Project Thermo better and smarter over time, just like your favourite apps.
  • Minimizing what was on the wall also meant we moved control to your mobile devices for a better user experience than  we could ever do on the wall. If your smart phone is better than the computers that put a man on the moon, it should be good enough for controlling the temperature of your house.
  • Notification and reminders will not only remind you about the little things, like changing the furnace filter, it will also notify you about the big things, like a significant drop in temperature, to make life easier and give you more peace of mind.
  • Information is about giving you the data you need, in the way you need it, so you know what your furnace is doing and why. This allows you to have the information to make better decisions easier, saving you more money, and giving you better control over your house.
  • Finally, Project Thermo works across multiple devices to collaboratively control the temperature across your house holistically.

These are the reasons why we believe in Project Thermo. Giving you more control, more information, and a better experience so that you can affordably save more money on your energy bill.


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