Why Project Thermo: Collaborating across devices


Last post we talked about understanding what your thermostat is doing, why and when, to make better decisions. In another post we talked about the benefits of having our brains in the cloud. This post is about how the two of these come together to solve the problem of having more than one thermostat.

Two thermostats – the art of balance

Not everyone has just one thermostat. When you have multiple thermostats they know nothing of each other. They each have a mind of their own and you have to be the “computer” that keeps them working together. If you adjust the temperature of one thermostat, you have to adjust the others correspondingly and to the correct ratio or they won’t be in balance anymore. This is not a problem for everyone, but anyone who has more than one thermostat has lived this problem.

Turn one thermostat up on a cold day, without adjusting the other properly and the harmony can be broken. One will turn on more often, and the other may not turn on at all anymore, making part of the house colder when the intent was to make the house warmer. Anyone with multiple thermostats has spent plenty of time trying to find that perfect balance between the two thermostats so that their house is heated properly. If you are really unluckily you have to do this dance every summer and winter.

Because we moved Project Thermo’s brains into the cloud, the “master brain” resides in the web and not in the individual units on your wall, or in your head. This means that we work with both thermostats to collaborate and optimize heating or cooling across your house rather than at a single device. Now you don’t have to be the middle man trying to maintain balance, you can just easily adjust the temperature and maintain synchronicity.

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