Why Project Thermo: The power of information

In our previous post we talked about how notifications can let you know of events in your house. This comes from power of data, which is what this post is about.

Knowing is half the battle

Unlike regular programmable thermostats, Project Thermo is connected to the internet and regularly logs and records the temperature. It also records when your furnace, air conditioner, or fan turn on and off, what the temperature was set for, and when the temperature was increased or decreased and by whom. We feel the key to making better decisions is to know what your thermostat is doing, when, and why.

We use this data to help manage your thermostat, to make it better, to look for trends and issues, and to notify you of events. However, you can also use this data to understand what your house is doing to make better decisions and save more money. When you understand why your thermostat is doing what it does, you can make better decisions, and then see the results of your actions.

While data is good for computers, data for humans isn’t enough. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so we present the data visually and thoughtfully so it is simple yet powerful to understand. Project Thermo gives you visual data and trends allowing you to better understand your house and make better decisions more easily.

Trending data is also great for automatically identifying potential problems before they become issues. Maybe you turned the fan on and forgot about it? Maybe your furnace is not working properly? Maybe something external (like an open front door or a fire) is affecting the temperature. Because we regularly log data we can find anomalies and let you know.

How do you tell if you are being green and saving money, if you have nothing to compare to? Data on its own is helpful, but data aggregated across time and space can make it even more powerful and help provide even more context. Looking at trends over time and across multiple users allows us to benchmark, contrast, and compare. This then allows us to provide more context to your data.  Project Thermo helps you understand how well you are doing at being energy efficient, or maybe it will help you identify problems with your furnace efficiency or leaky windows. Knowing how well you are doing relative to other users in your area gives you something to compare to, to celebrate success, or identify issues.

As GI-Joe taught us, knowing is half the battle, so Project Thermo provides you the data and context you need, to do the most with the information, to make better decisions easier.

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