Why Project Thermo: Notifications for a better you

In previous posts we talked about how Project Thermo gives you a better user experience and how programmable thermostats can be better for your health. This post combines the two to talk about how Project Thermo can use your devices to promote better health and peace of mind.

Notifications for health and peace of mind.

How often do you look at your thermostat? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Do you even notice it, or do you only look at when you adjust the temperature? Unlike regular thermostats, mobile devices can create notifications that are better at getting your attention. Mobile devices also allow us to send notifications which alert you to important reminders or identify potential problems you may not be aware of.

As your furnace and air conditioner manipulate the air you breath, it is important that you maintain and service them regularly. Sometimes that’s as simple as changing the air filter or sometimes that is more involved like annual servicing or cleaning your furnace ducts. ┬áNot only can we remind you about these minor but important events, but we can even help you order filters from Amazon and have it shipped to your house, making the task that much easier.

Project Thermo can also send you reminders for more worrisome things such as your furnace running straight without shutting off, that you left the exhaust / fan on when you accidentally burnt the toast at breakfast, or that your house is getting warmer or colder than it should be.

Notifications can help with health, chores and peace of mind. Even if the thermostat on the wall told you this, would you even notice it? We’re pretty sure you’ll notice the notification on your phone and tablet, which means you can act faster.

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