Why Project Thermo: A better experience on your devices

In a previous post we asked why people stood in a random hallway tapping on the wall when they could use their smart phone on the couch. In this post we talk about how Project Thermo changes that.

A better experience

Thermostats on the wall are limited in what they can do, and how they act. Furthermore, the more interactive and usable companies make them the more expensive they get. Smart phones, tablets and PCs have much more capability than any box on your wall. Smart phones are called super computers in your pocket, so why not use that?

A phone or a laptop not only gives you a larger screen giving us more room to work with, touchscreens and apps give us more creativity and control and the opportunity to give you a much better user experience. This also allows us to easily add features like voice controls, keyboards, pinch and zoom, menus, options, etc, and as we mentioned last post, since it’s an app, we can easily update it to make it better and add new features over time.

Using the power and convenience of your devices makes Project Thermo more affordable and more usable because we use the screens that you already own, and are always nearby and handy. Whether on the couch, or at the office, we use your devices to provide you with a better experience than anything we can put on the wall.

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