Why Project Thermo: Getting better over time

In our last post we talked about how minimizing what is on the wall led to other benefits such as being more affordable, which everyone can appreciate. In this post we will elaborate on why having your brains in the cloud is better than on the wall.

Getting smarter and better with age

Most programmable thermostats haven’t changed since they left the factory. They run exactly the same programming they did when they were created a decade or two ago. While this worked in the 80s and 90s, it seems like less of a benefit with today’s smart phones and updating apps.

Why shouldn’t your thermostat get smarter and better over time? Why shouldn’t you get new features, and a better thermostat over time? By minimizing what is on the wall, we moved our software from the individual units on the wall, which are hard to control and even harder to upgrade, to the cloud where we can we control it and where we can easily upgrade it to give you more and better features and new functionality. We can upgrade your thermostat like smartphone apps, getting better week by week, month by month.

Moving our brains to the cloud also allows us to be more flexible. This means that instead of having the standard wake/leave/home/sleep cycle, you can add a multitude of schedules to accommodate your lifestyle. Yoga on Tuesdays nights? Check. Early starts on Thursday? Check. Eat lunch at home? Check. You can control your schedules to fit your lifestyle however you see fit. Giving you maximum comfort and maximum savings.

With our brains in the cloud, not only do you get a more affordable thermostat, you get a thermostat that can easily get better and give you more features over time, while giving you more control to save more money.

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