Why Project Thermo: Looking at things differently

In our last post we talked about how smart thermostats can save you money when heating and cooling your house and improve your sleep and health, leading to a better environment, and a happier healthier you with more money in your pocket.

This begs the question of what Project Thermo offers over existing smart thermostats. In startup parlance, the question is what is Project Thermo’s value proposition. In this post we cover how Project Thermo is looking at things slightly differently than our competitors, and why that matters.

Minimizing what’s on the wall

The trend for smart IoT thermostats seems to be to add more features to the wall to make the device even fancier and more complex. While this makes for some cool and interesting technology, it comes with a price, literally a price tag. The fancier and more interesting the smart thermostat, the more expensive it is.

We took a different approach. Why do you need all that stuff on the wall? Why are you standing in a random hallway tapping on the wall when you can stay seated on the couch using the phone or tablet you already have in hand. Not only is it more convenient, it allows us to give a much better user experience, which we’ll talk about in a future post.

By minimizing what is on the wall we also moved our brains into the cloud. This means our software sits in the web, were we can control it, update it, and easily add new features to make your thermostat smarter and better. We will also cover this in more detail in a future post.

Minimizing what’s on the wall also minimizes the amount of things that can go wrong, and the probability that hardware becomes obsolete, but the biggest benefit for most of us is that by minimizing what is on the wall, we can make Project Thermo affordable. This means it costs you less to save more money on your energy bills. For those of you that need multiple thermostats the savings are compounded.

We don’t want to make the thermostat fancier, we want the thermostat to be invisible on the wall, or even disappear. We are still creating a great modern smart IoT thermostat with all the functionally you’d expect from modern technology. By looking at things differently we can make it affordable, even more affordable than some of the programmable thermostats created over a decade ago that are still on the market.

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