Project Thermo: Why not get smarter

In our last posting we talked about how a Chromebit as a thermostat, while really overkill, would still be cheaper and better than most of the current programmable thermostats on the market. While it would make an interesting thermostat it still has a limitation as it’s brains are still sitting on your wall. That makes it more difficult to upgrade, which makes it more difficult to make it better and smarter over time.

If a Tesla car can get better, why can’t your thermostat? By moving our brains into the cloud, we can easily update it regularly. This means we can add new features, update the user experience, and generally make it better and smarter over time. You can think of new features, and we can likely add it to your existing thermostat’s functionality. We can learn from experience and add more complexity, or decide to make things simpler, and everyone benefits, no new thermostat required.  When was the last time your thermostat got smarter and better?

By simplifying the overkill of a Chromebit, and moving the processing power into the cloud, Project Thermo can both be more affordable, more powerful, and get smarter and better over time. Check out Project Thermo, and order one today.

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