Smart Thermostats: Why not be affordable?

There are some great smart thermostats on the market today but they are expensive. While these new thermostats have caused the old programmable thermostats, created a decade or more ago, to come down significantly in price, they are also still expensive, relatively speaking, and still have the same clunky screens and interfaces from the last millennium. This was one of the key drivers that caused the inception of Project Thermo. Why buy an expensive thermostat when you can have a modern smart IoT thermostat for $50?

If a computer on a stick, like a Chromebit, costs less than one hundred dollars, why are smart / programmable thermostats, that are much less complex, more expensive? Partly it’s because of the special hardware and screens, partly it’s because of their name, and partly it’s because they can.  Chromebits are inexpensive relative to computers, tablets, or thermostats, because they simplified things. Chromebits are small, simple, and smart, such as using your TV as the power source and the screen.

By not having the fancy thermostat housing, screens, dials, buttons, etc, we simplified what was on the wall, and moved the experience onto your mobile device. This allows a much better experience, and the addition of more powerful features. Why stand in the hallway and have a limited experience with an expensive box on the wall, when you can sit comfortably on the couch, using the much richer interface on your devices.

A Chromebit on the wall is overkill for a thermostat, but the ideas of small, simple, and smart are not. Project Thermo will use your phone, tablet, or PC as the screen, a much bigger more usable screen. Project Thermo will also regularly record the temperature, and when your furnace, fan or A/C turns on and off, so that you know what is happening and when, so that you can make informed decisions. Unlike the traditional box on your wall, an app on your phone can be updated and improved. When was the last time your thermostat got smarter or better? With these ideas we created Project Thermo, the affordable $50 smart IoT thermostat. Order one today.

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